Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tentative Innovation Fair Timeline

1 Dec 2006: Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Reform Briefing to Non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

11 Jan 2007: Preparatory meeting to Innovation Fair at the Church Center, NYC.

5 Feb 2007: Innovation follow-up

23 Feb 2007: Regional Innovation Fair, “North America”, New York.

March 2007: AMR Country meetings in Brazil

To be determined: Latin America’s Regional Innovative Fair

May/June 2007: AMR Country meetings in Morocco

To be determined: Africa Regional Innovation Fair

To be defined: AMR Country meetings in Bangladesh

To be determined: Asia Regional Innovation Fair, Bangladesh

End of June 2007: NGO Forum/ Regional Innovation Fair, “Europe,” Geneva

July 2007: Global Innovation Fair, Geneva

What is the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) Innovation Fair ?

It is now widely recognized that civil society and the private sector have an important role to play in implementing the internationally agreed development goals, including the MDGs. Yet their potential still needs to be unlocked fully.

The “AMR innovation fair”, which will be held as a parallel event to the AMR session, will serve as a new vehicle for better tapping the potential of civil society and in particular of the private sector.

At the “AMR innovation fair” business sector representatives and civil society could discuss what has worked and what has not worked and identify examples of good practices and innovative approaches which could then be recommended for scaling-up.

The AMR Innovation Fair is committed to:

  • Fully unlock the potential of the private sector and civil society

  • Provide an opportunity for private sector and civil society representatives to share their examples of good practices

  • Make information on innovative policies and approaches widely available

  • Provide updates on the progress of global partnerships towards achieving the MDGs

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Preparatory Meetings to the Annual Ministerial Review Innovation Fair

Following up on the Strengthening of the Economic and Social Council (Res A/61/16) to non-governmental organizations in consultative status with ECOSOC,

Underlining the 2 new functions of the ECOSOC, the Annual Ministerial Review (AMR) the Development Cooperation Forum (DCF),

The Preparatory Meeting to the Regional AMR Innovation Fair "The Americas" to be held on 23rd february 2007 has been organized by DESA NGO Section, in partnership with: Hague Appeal for Peace, the United Methodist Office for the United Nations, International Peace Bureau, Lutheran World Federation and CONGO, on Thursday 11 january 2007 at the Church Center, New York.