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The Legion of Good Will, A Success Story

1st Solidary Society Network Innovation Fair
Brazil - March 2007

Contributing to the intergovernmental process of the United Nations, the Legion of Good Will - LGW, a Brazilian NGO in General Consultative Status with ECOSOC, promoted, during four years consecutively, multistakeholder meetings with the participation of the Latin-American civil society, stimulating the integration of the various social actors. From this practice emerged the 1st Solidary Society Network Innovation Fair, an action of relationship and partnerships that mobilized hundreds of participants from all over the country. This iniciative, with the support of the United Nations, has been helping to propitiate a permanent dialogue, besides sharing social technologies, in the search of solutions for the main challenges of the world, specially the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs).

The 1st Solidary Society Network Innovation Fair, promoted by the Legion of Good Will, received the support of the NGO Section of UN/DESA and the United Nations Information Center in Brazil (UNIC-Rio), gathering hundreds of representatives of various sectors, integrating member states, private sector, non-governmental organizations, media, academia, class entities, youth movements, foundations, public and international organisms, with the objective of sharing good practices that can be replicated as new social technologies and stimulate strategic intersectorial bonds that optimize the impacts of transformation in society. “Global partnerships for development – Strengthning efforts for the eradication of poverty and hunger” was the theme of the Fair, following the next ECOSOC High Level Segment theme.
The Legion of Good Will fostered a wide mobilization with multistakeholders divided in the three following actions:

· Phase 1: National research of innovative social technologiesOn the first stage, an ample research in all the Brazilian States have raised, through a targeted questionnaire, the main stories of success among 930 NGOs.
Place: all the Brazilian StatesPeriod: February/March 2007

· Phase 2: Local Workshops for sharing of good practicesIn different capital cities, it was held workshops and debates about the AMR Innovation Fair. A Video taped in the UN Headquarters in NY presented the intention of evaluating the advances of governments and society and, above all, encourage the exchange of well-succeeded experiences and that guarantee the accomplishment of the Eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), proposed by the UN in 2000 and firmed in an agreement by its 191 member countries to be fulfilled until 2015. After watching the video, that had a special interview with Ms. Hanifa Mezoui – Chief of NGO Section, and discussing about the Innovation Fair in NewYork, the participants accepted the challenge of implementing this proposal of the United Nations in their regions. Those activities took place in the following cities:
Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil
Date: 13 March, from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.Place: Educational and Community Center of the LGW (Av. São Paulo, 722, São Geraldo, telephone: (+55 51) 3325-7000)
Belo Horizonte/MG, Brazil
Date: 14 March, from 08:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.Place: Auditorium Eudoro Vilella, at the Federação Mineira de Direito Privado ­– Fundamig (Rua Goitacases, 71, room 813, Centro, telephone: (+55 31) 3494-3232)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Date: 14 March, from 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.Place: Fundación Navarro Viola (Av. Pres. Quintana, 174, Recoleta, telephone: (5411) 4925-5000)
Aracaju/SE, Brazil
Date: 15 March, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.Place: Auditorium Deputado Francisco Passos, of the Escola do Legislativo (Praça Fausto Cardoso, s/n, Centro, telephones: (+55 79) 3236-4080 / 3236-3111)
Santos/SP, Brazil
Date: 17 March, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Place: Fundação Lusíada (Centro Universitário Lusíada Campus III) (Rua Batista Pereira, 265, Macuco, telephones: (+55 13) 3221-3614 / 3221-5181)

· Phase 3: 1st Solidary Society Network Innovation Fair
In these main meetings, representative of multistakeholder leaderships from government, private sector, academia and civil society were able to promote a dialogue of the several social actors present and to share their experiences on fighting poverty and hunger. The Fair opened space for lectures, presentation of stories of success, cultural manifestations and exhibition of social technologies. The organizations exhibited in a very creative and dynamic manner and freely formed strategic alliances with the multistakeholders aiming partnerships and network.
The LGW also provided for the Brazilian civil society a unique experience of interaction with the United Nations, fostering in the Fairs a workshop encouraging a greater participation of the civil society organizations in the UN. The representative of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Dr. Michele Bilant-Fedoroff, visited all the facilities of the LGW and had several talks directly with hundreds of organizations and one specifically with students from the course of International Relations of PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica)

Brasilia/DF, Brazil
Date: 20 March, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.Place: World Parliament of Ecumenical Fraternity (ParlaMundi of the LGW)(SGAS 915, Lotes 75 and 76, telephone: (+55 61) 3245-1070)Theme: "Intersectoriality”, with the special participation of the organisms of the federal government and of international organizationsActivities: thematic panels, exhibition of social technologies and a vernissage of the Art exhibition “Make the difference”

São Paulo/SP, Brazil
Date: 22 March, from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Place: Educational Institute of the LGW (Av. Rudge, 700, Bom Retiro, telephone: (+55 11) 3225-4594)Theme: "Education”, with special participation of educational entities, universities and community leadershipsActivities: thematic panels and educative and cultural exhibitions

Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil
Date: 24 March, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.Place: Educational, Cultural and Community Center of the LGW (Av. Dom Hélder Câmara, 3.059, Del Castilho, telephone: (+55 21) 2516-4484)Theme: "Socioeconomic”, with practical demonstration of intersectorial partnerships (forecast: two thousand assistances for nearly 400 people)Activities: thematic panels, cultural manifestations and practical demonstration of a Multistakeholder iniciative providing more than 2000 health and citizenship assistances. Several actions took place, such as explanations on how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, legal guidance, on the Environment and nutrition, educative lectures, workshops on how to increase income, besides specific activities for children and teenagers.
This edition of the Fair was highlighted throughout the Brazilian and international media. In national reach through the A Voz do Brasil (a program of the Brazilian government distributed by its agency (Agência Brasil) for TV, internet and radio) and internationally by the UN’s Radio, in New York. Also in Folha Online, Correio Braziliense, O Globo Online, Brazilian Press Association Portal, Jornal do Brasil, JB Online and O Dia; the radio stations Tupi, Eldorado AM and Manchete and a complete coverage by the Good Will Communication Network.
All this mobilization resulted in a statement of the Legion of Good Will registering the contribution of all the participant organizations of the Solidary Society Network to be submitted as recommendations of good practices to the High Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council of the UN, which will be held in July, in Geneva.

Member States representatives in Brasilia:

Sergio Zambiasi – Senator
Mozarildo Cavalcanti – Senator
Beto Albuquerque – Federal Deputy in chief and leader of the Government in the Chamber.
Silvio Lung – President of the CNAS (National Council of Social Welfare).
Marianne Vicenthini Arruda – First Lady of the Federal District.
Arlete Sampaio – Ministry of Social Development.
Perly Cipriano, Sub-Secretary of the Special Secretariat of Human Rights (Secretariat attached to the President of Republic).
Lylia Galetti – Ministry of the Environment.
Alzira Vieira – Sebrae and Representative of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
Jose Gregori – Former Ministry of Justice and president of the Commission of Human Rights in Sao Paulo

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