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NGO associated with the DPI of the United Nations in Consultative Status with ECOSOC

Contributing with the Millennium Goals of the United Nations.


The thinking of mankind gets enlightened with the beginning of a new era, where the empire of telecommunications is qualitatively transforming the new generations almost everywhere in the world. There is the utopia of universal space, based in similarities in the way to appreciate life and in a common civilization.

Therefore, we could share affinities which do not attack the dignity of men, starting with human misery, an unconceivable thing, based on the enormous wealth that the economic system produces. Every day there is a greater gap between those who have and those who do not, and every day as well the pain of those in need is felt more.

Poverty is not just the lack of food and housing, but also the daily abuse that those with the power inflict on those who are weak, with no consideration whatsoever, and overseeing the human essence . Due to this, the poor lack a purpose in life, as well as health and education. Let us work together, so that this disadvantaged groups stop being human servants and satisfaction providers to those who hold the power.

Fundación Cultural Baur open educational spaces which – through social, cultural and artistic activities – allow children and youngsters to develop sensibility towards Human Rights, creating a commitment to the eight Millennium Goals formulated by the United Nations.
A transforming education allows the child and youngster to acquire a sense of social awareness and commitment to those in need.

After deep research, we found a number of educative assistance institutions in need of permanent help, demanding permanent help to meet the most urgent needs of these communities where poverty prevails, causing greater damage and creating groups of children and youngsters addicted to toxic substances as ways of survival, where aggressiveness is a mechanism of self defense.

Commitment to the new generations gains strength through the activities that keep them in touch with the disadvantaged communities.
The logistics to achieve education in children with a sensitization demands tasks that will make them committed to a social sense of awareness.

It is extremely important to promote awareness among teachers, through congresses and a conference which will give a didactic message of respect, equality and tolerance, under the spirit of justice, fundamental value of any society of the XXI century.

The Carol Baur Foundation organized the FIRST INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS’ CONGRESS ON HUMAN RIGHTS IN LATIN AMERICA:“Educating on Human Rights to contribute with the UN for the Millennium Goals”

This important event had the attendance of teachers from various international educational institutions: Adelphi University, N.Y., GEM, Washington, Mount Laurel, N.J., St. Lawrence Parochial School, N.J., Sterling HS, Somerdale N.Y.,Upper Dublin, P.A. White Plains Middle School, N.Y., Collegiate School, Richmond, V.A., Temple University, PH., Chesnut Hill College, PH., Senegal, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Escuela Margarita Maza de Juárez, Cd. de México and the Carol Baur School.


Indigenous communities of “SIERRA GORDA”, in Tolimán, Querétaro.

The Carol Baur Foundation works with 4 institutions: FAE(Foundation for educative assistance for children with different capacities and for children who live by the garbage dumpsite of Xochiaca, Orphanage Benito Cottolengo, Fundación Familiar Infantil IAP, Sons of Female prisoners and Grupo Nezahualcóyotl. We have managed to send food supplies, toys and clothes to these organizations for the last 15 years. Through human contact, profound life experiences have been twisted together.

The responsibility of FCB is to create pupils who love life, with the capacity of taking action in projects which come up with viable and intelligent solutions, fighting the terrible problem of famine.

In order to perform successful activities, realistic objectives have to be set, with adequate resources and a work program being followed up.


The Baur International Model United Nations is a model that through debate among students, allows them to face the academic knowledge with the reality of the problems of man, environment and society, thereby meeting the agenda of the UN.


By the time these sensitization activities, the students feel the need to take their experiences and proposals to the UNITED NATIONS STUDENT CONFERENCE ON HUMAN RIGHTS, which is held every year, coordinated by the Department of Public Information (DPI) of the United Nations, in New York City.

It is thereby important that the Non governmental Organizations work together in various disciplines, to cooperate with UN and then gather strength to comply with the goals of this new millennium.

Mtra. Sandra M.B. Rivero Borrell

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