Thursday, June 14, 2007

Women's World Summit Foundation, A Success Story

WWSF Women’s World Summit Foundation
Women’s section -

Promoting Women’s rights • Lobby governments at the UN • Direct Support for rural women and children to help eradicate poverty in rural communities around the world

Created in 1991 in Geneva, Switzerland, in response to the urgent call for action launched at the first UN World Summit for Children (New York, 1990), WWSF serves as an international, non-profit,non-confessional, humanitarian NGO and enjoys UN consultative status (ECOSOC, UNFPA and DPI). WWSF is totally independent of any religious, political or philosophical affiliation.

As an international empowerment network, WWSF is dedicated to serve with its annual global initiatives, campaigns, world days and prize awards the implementation of women and children’s rights and the UN Millennium Development Goals. It provides international visibility, recognition and support for women’s development projects and for innovative child abuse prevention programs.

WWSF Prize for women’s creativity in rural life
By honoring a woman we honor a whole nation

Created in 1994, the Prize awards women and women’s groups around the world who exhibit exceptional creativity, courage and commitment in improving the quality of life in rural communities. Awarded annually, the Prize draws international attention to Laureates' contributions to sustainable development, household food security and peace and increases recognition and support for their work. 317 Laureates from more than 100 countries have received the Prize over the past 13 years (US$500 per Laureate and US$ 3000 for African women's associations). A Traveling Exposition of all the laureates is presented at strategic venues and at national and international events. The 2007 lauretaes are presently being selected and will be announced on 1 September 2007 and awarded on 15 October-World Rural Women’s Day. All laureates and their work are featured on Internet.

Laureate 2006- A. Mugwendere

Laureate 2005- G. Heredea

World Rural Women's Day – 15 October
Annual global awareness campaign to increase knowledge and empowerment

Created in 1995 during the UN Conference on Women (Beijing) by several INGOs, the World Day aims to place rural women's role center stage and sensitizes governments and the world community to the importance of grassroots initiatives contributing to the eradication of poverty. Since 1997, WWSF annually disseminates via its network a global poster and an “Open Letter to rural women of the world” which generate hundreds of local initiatives and national events.

Benin- 1999, India – 2002

Micro-credit Mali Sheep Project
A different way of making your gifts

The aim of micro credit is to deliver financial services to the most marginalized, especially rural women, of the world.
By offering a rural women a sheep to raise, you enable a rural family in Mali to have two meals per day. A WWSF project to help implement the United Nations Millennium Development Goals MDGs. More than 300 sheep could be sponsored in 2006.

World Day for Circles of Compassion - 2 November
and Capacity training workshops on “How to create community circles for implementation of the UN Millennium Development Goals MDGs”

Launched in 2003 by WWSF in partnership with the Millionth Circle Initiative, the World Day serves as a rallying call to action, and the training workshops aim to develop a new dialogue in civil society and NGOs. Circles encourage cooperation among their members and inspire compassionate solutions to individual, community and world problems, including for the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals ( WWSF organizes regular circle training workshops to introduce the circle methodology and the MDGs for the emergence of compassionate societies around the world.

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